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About Us

What is Cardio Hula?


A fun core workout set to music that will take you to the islands as you burn calories while strengthening your core, arms and legs. 


Cardio Hula Fitness is a beautiful and fun way to keep fit. This dance works out your core and legs as you move your hands to tell a story to the beautiful sounds of the island.  It incorporates Hula  & Tahitian movement, along with utilizing weight bars, dumbbells, weight belts and gliders, into an hour of full body workout dancing to the beats of island music, Tahitian drumming, reggae and hip-hop.


MONIQUE CASTANEDA: founder|owner|instructor

Monique has been teaching Hula for about 15 years. After joining a local gym 10 years ago, she was encourage by one of the fitness instructors to develop  a hula dance style workout which then became so popular that her class expanded and became full. At present time, Monique was able to open her own halau and in-house Cardio Hula Fitness.

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